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Bribe taking at Murtula Mohammed International airport



Bribe taking at Murtula Mohammed International airport 0 Unverified

01:12 Jun 23, 2016

I would like to report the open bribe taking that goes on between airport staff and police at the pre screening entrance at the international... More Information » « Less Information

Murtula Mohammed Inernational Airport

Unlawful Detention , bribery and extortion . 111 Unverified

13:43 Jun 18, 2016

Can i know if my information disclosed here is safe ..who is managing this portar.... I Have a case of a police man to open up or to request... More Information » « Less Information

Plateau State.

St Marys Hospital 0 Unverified

01:04 Jun 04, 2016

Hello I am very concerned about my friend Bryan Dempsie that has been admitted to this hospital after his car accident he had his bag with him... More Information » « Less Information

215 11th st N

money scam 2 Unverified

13:31 May 29, 2016

Hello Police .. My name is Bilal, i am from Pakistan.. i have one problem with your Nigerian people.. he scamed my 100$ usd.. i was purchased... More Information » « Less Information

nipa 360 street karachi pakistan


01:20 May 27, 2016

the police have unlawfully detained and are asking for a large sum to release 3 innocent people in port Harcourt,and told them they just want... More Information » « Less Information

port Harcourt

21-25 of 587 Reports
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