01:26 Jun 3 2015 owerri Imo state


    My name is Dr. Onyegbule Felix Onyemechi ,i am a batch A 2015 Corp member medical doctor currently serving in Ekiti state with state code EK/15A/0489. Please patiently read and share this my ordeal at the hands of Nigerian Police until it gets to the appropriate quarters in order to nip this ugly incidence and trend to the bud for good and prevent future reoccurrence . 1st of June,2015 is a day I will never forget in a hurry. I use to hear about police brutality and say that can never happen to me,am so well connected,am in a noble profession,who will dare touch "Government pikin".But reality check can be such a sucker punch. On that fateful day,I went to Owerri to get a brand new blood pressure machine for my mum,fresh from orientation camp with all the paraphernalias of a brand new otondo I was feeling fly. All this was abruptly cut short along Douglas road Owerri on a hot afternoon by a loud shout of "stop there criminal" by police men. Before I could mutter a word,I was manhandled and thrown into the darkest part of a 14 sitter bus. I said to myself,it is finished,i have been kidnapped in broad light in banana Republic of Nigeria. Then and there, cascade of AK- 47 bullets greeting our capture by the policemen. Trust my fellow Ibo men,the street turned into a ghost town in seconds. There I was,a crestfallen doctor pleading for attention to identify myself which keeps falling on deaf ears. We subsequently got to a police station which I later learnt is Anti kidnapping unit of Nigerian police Owerri,where I was stripped to the barest minimum at gun point.I was proudly told by a police officer that it is there modus operandi. Further pleas made kept falling on deaf ears. They kept telling me doctors have money. Doctors can be kidnappers.  I didn't know when I shouted what is wrong with this country which was greeted with a stroke of rod on my back. It dawned on me that I was on my own. I BEHAVED myself. From there I was casted into their dungeon like a rabid dog. There I was further dehumanised by the Cell President for not coming with "Visiting Fee".There i was,squatting, my relations oblivious of my current predicament and whereabouts because my phones were seized to prevent recording any sinister activities going on there. While squatting in that dark hole called cell I kept thinking about my parents,my loved ones,my friends. I prayed the longest I have done in a while because I had the whole time in the whole world. We where later arraigned before one Supol timothy who told me our long awaited offense. Someone was killed 3days earlier around Douglas road, so they decided to raid the area randomly today. That we are all suspects and now charged with kidnapping and murder. We where given phones to call "ONLY PEOPLE WITH BAIL MONEY".Such blatant impunity I said. Ten thousand naira (N10,000) was collected from me under duress as bail. My colleague Dr. Elijah Abang helped with that . Freedom has never been this sweet. I thought orientation camp was hard,Nigeria police shouted This is Sparta to me. So far I have contacted a Barrister,I have spoken to and written to Nigerian Medical Association owerri(NMA),State Co ordinator NYSC Owerri, written a report to Commissioner of police owerri via NYSC. I appreciate all the calls and messages I have been getting.  God bless you all.NB: Corp Chinedu is one of the police that arrested me. Phone number is 08036925590.
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