Gender violence/Assault and seeking redress/justice

01:52 Jun 2 2015 Lagos

Greetings sir,
I'm Mary Sunday,from Alimosho LGA in Lagos State.
I was assaulted by my ex-fiance(corporal Isaac Gbanwuan Orseer) on
August 24,2012 by 5pm till date nothing has been done by the police.

Summary of what happened.

It was on the above date and time at Pedro Police Barracks,Lagos
state.I was assaulted,disfigured and dumped by a man I believed I've
found a shelter in him over a phone call I called and received from my
Aunty. He accused me of keeping another man somewhere because of his
predicament.(Doc said he was infertile) he started beating me,when I
could not bear the pains inflicted on me anymore,I had to find my way
out of the house.I ran to his neighbour's wife,hoping I would find
rest when getting to her but it became worst when she could not do
anything to stop him from carrying out the attack.I escaped into the
neighbour's kitchen,I closed the door against both Gbanwuan and the
kitchen's owner but he broke into the kitchen,seized his neighbour's
lighted stove with boiling stew hit my mouth on it.the stove exploded
and covered me with flames.

I spent 10 months at trauma centre and I was later referred to India
for corrective surgeries,I'm yet to be flown due to financial
constraint ( N6.1million naira is needed) he abandon me to my only
sister after 4 months in the hospital without looking back till
date.(my parents is late)
When I update him the hospital bill through SMS,he asked whether my
sister didn't tell me that he has won the case,he was cleared by the
Police and was also warned by the police not to come near me or my
sister for his own safety.
I was discharged after 10 months,I called for redress,Police at
Pedro police station said they took it as a case of two fightings
injuring themselves. I swear to my late parents I didn't fight with
this man,all I did was trying to escaped from his brutality.
Also, Lagos state police command said it was self inflicted. None of
the police officer came around to get information from me after
complains have been lodged by my sister. The kitchen's owner denied
witnessing the incident. Someone who claimed to have been witnessing
the incident was not there when it happened, she lied.
I was told by the police officer in charged that DPP issued advice
for his prosecution in 2014 but till date no one heard from the

Damages caused!
I lost my both ears,my neck is stiff, mouth not widely open with
horrible skin colour. I undergone two surgeries,uplifting of the neck
and skin crafty.
Live is not easy with me.I depend on my only sister for
everything.I remain indoors for the past three years because my face
was completely damaged by the fire.
Please sir, I need justice.
My phone No is 08031848460.thanks
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