Men of SARS unlawful harassment and rest in Akute Ajuwon Lambe area

13:34 Oct 28 2016 Akute Ajuwon. Ogun state Nigeria

About 8pm oct 27 some SARS officials drove into ifesowapo area of Jolasco and started harassing young boys in the area as usual they don't want to know if you are in secondary sch or a married man with a legal work, they ask for your phones and before you ask why you recieve the type of slap that will make you forget your identity. This has become very common that most people are very scared to drive or walk around in peace. They charge from the range of 30000 for individual and about 400000 if you are in company of friends. This is so dreadful that you are beaten and locked up for nothing just because you can't come up with the money. Please we need your help it is not just SARS but police. We are really suffering for nothin. It is hard enough to deal with the bad roads and terrible electricity supply and for months now.
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