illegal arrest and assault from police officers

11:07 Aug 15 2016 ibadan

Good day to this site. With sad heart am sending this message cause police force has turned to a force of thieves. There are certain police officers who don't wear uniform in ibadan. Apata to be precise. The police officers name are Ajila at the police post apata and another one called Femi who uses a blue car. These men have turned themselves to high way robbers. They keep harassing boys on the. Road. They will slap you, collect your phones and won't allow you to make any calls and you will be locked up without the dpo consent. This is alarming and it's getting people frustrated. They will drag you to the atm and forcefully tell you. To withdraw money. I think you guys should look into this matter cause we can no longer go out on the street again for fear of being arrested unlawfully. Both of them. Are living at apata. Once they see you dress well, they will challenge you that you are a yahoo boy. Is it only yahoo boys that dress properly? Why don't they leave matters to the efcc is anyone Is a yahoo boy. Please look into this matter cause I hate the. Police force with passion. They are not helping people instead of stealing from people.
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