Corrupt / Drunk Police Officer

01:31 Aug 4 2016 Falomo Roundabout / Alfred Rewane str, Ikoyi. Lagos

I would like to report a case of harassment by a corrupt and drunk police officer.

The officer's number is: 396225 and his name is Joseph, I was unable to get his fullname due to the palcement of his phone in his breast pocket.

The first time I was accosted by this officer, he jumped into my car as I dropped my sister off at a busstop claiming that I was obstructing traffic and he immidiately started demanding that I settle him. I was very ill that day and on my way to the hospital, so my driver gave him some money just to get us to leave the place and head on to the hospital.

Today again (August 4th, 2016), this same officer stopped my car as I was again dropping my sister off, this time, right in front of her office. He was smelling of alcohol and was obviously drunk from the way he slurred his words (and this kind of person is carrying a gun o!). again his claim was that we were obstructing traffic and when he saw that I was bold enough to confront him on that claim, he started saying we should give him money for breakfast before he will come down from the car!
I reminded him that he had done the same thing to me once and he had the nerve to respond that it means I should know that once he jumps into your car, you must "settle" him before he can get down!

People like this should not be allowed on the force that is supposed to protect and serve the citizens (especially being drunk at 7am).

Kindly ensure that this officer is duly dealt with as this is obviously a habit for him.
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