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13:22 Jul 19 2016 Vincent; Durugbor's compound, Ugbele Umuakah, detained at State CID Owerri Imo State for more than 4 Days now.

A pre-meditated murder plot carried out by one Mr Peter Ukonu. whose Traditional title is being contested in the Court for the past 10 years at least. He organised, sponsored and monitored the attack on one Mr Vincent Durugbor; an which took place right in Mr Vincent's compound and in the presence of his family members. The instruction was to murder Vincent for standing against the numerous evils of Mr Ukonu aka Akpaka.Properties were destroyed. Vincent, a retired soldier, escaped death. Mr Ukonu, acting in his capacity as the contested Traditional ruler of the community, colluded with the current TC Chairman of the Local Govt, Njaba LG-Mr Bon Nnaka, one Chief Okechukwu Durugbor, one Chief Ben Durugbor, one Hon Udonna Ikwugbado, one Mr Emmanuel Ibeawuchi, one Mr Eze Ekuba (the Hit man of the cabal), one Mr Cyracus-(son of Mrs Ugochi), one Mr Izuchukwu Aduu Uwaoma, and several others whose names I can not remember. All these men are jobless and have no income. However, all their assaults on the people are sponsored by the TC chairman, using public fund and illegal levies forced down the throats of the local community by the "Traditional ruler". They plotted the attack, carried it out, but turned around to charge Mr Vincent of assault occassioning harm and have detained him at State CID Owerri since 4 days and have given the instruction that no one should be allowed to grant Mr Vincent bail unless they so deceide and it has been so. Lawyers, Barristers and Solicitors have been turned away from applying for bail for Mr Vincent. Evil cabal above back home go about boasting that Mr Vincent can only be back to his wife, baby boy and aged parents in a casket, including that not even the IGP can change or twarth their order/instructions to the Police and it seems to be so. With this, I now ask the following questions;
1- Is an assault ocassioning harm a criminal offence in Nigeria that has no bail condition
2- Is a Traditional ruler above the law
3- Is the Nigeria Police supposed to follow the law or dance to the whims and caprices of an individual and here the Traditional ruler
4- Is this still obtainable in Nigeria with the President Buhari's stance on corruption and Bad practice
5- Is it lawful to arrest a victim of murder plot and detain him for more than 24 hrs in a civil case; Now it is more than 4 days.
6- Is this corruption, Bad practice or flagrant violation of Human Rights.
President Buhari, Amnesty International, Transparency International, The Inspector General of Police and All known Civil Rights Organisations MUST hear this if Mr Vincent is not released on bail before the end of work tomorrow- 20th July, 2016.

Mr Duru resides in London,UK.
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