Robbery in commercial buses around ikeja

01:43 Jun 29 2016 Aromire - adeniyi jones, ikeja


Security Warning⚡Security Warning⚡Security Warning⚡

Good morning everyone, please we need to notify all residents, friends and our loved ones that usually leave too early btw 4:30am-5am-6am..to be extremely careful and look before they enter any bus/ transport.. Two people were picked up at different points along the aromire- adeniyi Jones axis.. by an almost full bus in front of an estate bus stop, not too far from the estate gate..they were robbed under duress...all their belongings were collected..Laptop, wrist watch, wallet, wedding ring,etc ..they pinned them down on the floor of the bus...they searched them thoroughly, looking especially for valuables, cash etc..especially their their ATM cards..they were then dropped at the end of adeniyi Jones towards the factory asked not to shout...they then turned round to pick more victims before 6-6:30am..the most surprising part of the incident was the fact that the young ibo boys were with a "POS machine"..they confirmed the pin number to be sure they could access the account..wow God save us in this country!!! Just while talking to one of the victims the alerts of deductions on his account with the ATM card was coming in from an Abule Egba ATM machine ( knowing fully well that the back doesn't open until 8am)..the saving grace is that He forgot his phone at home while rushing out..so he could see all that was happening on his account and tried to contact his account officer or the nearest branch of the bank...please this just happened this morning.
"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty"..what happened to one can and might happen to anyone if we don't take caution.. please let us spread to all our residents and loved ones..and if possible notify the nearest police station..or avoid leaving home while it is still dark.

*With this advent, it might be advisable not to always walk around with your ATM Card esp. For Early Work Risers as fraudulent schemes has now taken an advanced stage.*
Forward to help/save someone & Have a blessed day ahead.
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