illegal work of oyes workers

22:06 May 14 2016 shop 16 u.b line roundabout, ereja square, ilesa, osun state

illegal work of oyes workers
Good day Sir/Ma.
i am OGbonnaya Christian from shop 16 U.B line Ereja Square, Roundabout Ilesa, Osun state.
The Incident happened today 14-05-2016 at Ereja Square Roundabout area, Ilesa, Three men showed up at Roundabout and putting on oyes marshal uniform and pursing people that are selling at the main road towards the fire service area in roundabout and many of the market sellers seeing them took to their heels and were running and they were not able to seize any of the Goods and on their way coming back, there was this woman that sell Yam Flour (Elubo) and the woman was standing at the front of my shop and they wanted to carry the yam flour from her to their office and the woman refued to hand it over to them and as they were dragging it with the woman and the woman resisted them, they walk to my shop and carry my bowl of Iron sponge and left.
i later located their office inside former Ilesa West Rate office along Oba Adekunle Palace, when i approached them to explain why they take such action. the man there said i should go out of their office, i now saw they have seized so many goods already and they are there piled up and people were there begging for the release of their goods, then they were now charging them different fees to bail their goods without any receipts of payments.
i now said, why will i pay for what i will not get evidence of payment for and you said you are oyes marshals and that is when they got provoked and they charged me for telling them that they are doing illegal works and they lock me up in their office and called the police to come and arrest me.
when the police arrived. AYeso police station, i just followed them to the station and i met the D.P.O and i narrated the whole things that happened to the D.P.O and the D.P.O now said to me that what degree do i have in Law and i answered None.
Then He left for another matter and i was there in the police station and after some minutes some of the police women came and said i should pay for paper and the people that came to see me at the station gathered the money and paid them N1000 and that was how i was freed.
my main question here is that, this people that call themselves OYES, when pursing people off the road, they do leave the meat sellers and some people on the road.
another question is that when people come to get their seized goods, no receipt or evidence of payment that the money is going into the state account.
They only work on Saturdays only and in the morning alone. we need a better osun and Nigeria.
these people on the main road, selling goods hardly allow vehicles to pass and even when the fire service vehicle want to go out for emergency, it is always very difficult for it to pass also.
these people need to be checked and please let proper measures be put in place.
yours Faithfully

ogbonnaya christian
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