10:57 Apr 28 2016 ada george road

good morning,please i want to report a group of police team that came in hilux [Rivers state] reg P4 014 SOS. I was at a filling station to ensure compliance with the directive of my company to sell at a normal price 86.5,and directing all the cars in when they arrived.They brutalize innocent customers and chasing our attendant around.I came and introduced my self to one of them and politely asked Him was the case was.he asked if i am the manager and i told him i manage all our finish station.This police office hooked my trouser,jack me up and was dragging me as a criminal.i ask again pls what have i done,He slapped me so hard i almost fainted.dragged me to their Hilux to their leader and threatened to take me away in there truck when i explained to the man he said i should be left alone when the people all came around telling him how i was ensuring that things went on normally.Am a man in my late thirties,and i have never had it so bad in my life.Other people can result into self help,join terrorist organisation........ to avenge this infringement on my fundamental human right. i have chosen this medium to ensure that these set of unpatriotic Nigerian police force member can be re-educated ,and disciplined.I have rest the case with GOD almighty to judge this man.yet so that other people can have their hope restored in the Nigerian police ,please do something about it.and make any patrol team wear their uniform so that they can be properly identified.these team are in mufty and those not on mufty cover their number so that i will not be able to identified them with their services number.thanks for making this medium available

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