Flouting of court order and corruption within the Police

01:16 Mar 19 2016 Bayo Kuku RD

Flouting of court order and corruption within the Police
My name is Floriana De Stefani, I am Italian citizen and and I have been living in Nigeria since 1975. I also hold a Nigerian passport.
I was married to Luca Signorelli who worked with the company Waterside Properties, located in Ikoyi area. I acquired a property in Bayo Kuku Rd from that Company, but when this latter folded up in 1983, it owed Mr Signorelli millions of Naira. It was decided to give him the said property in Bayo Kuku Rd and I became the owner.
When the lawyer in charge of Waterside Properties liquidation died, his family allegedly started scrambling for his properties and investments.
Two weeks after my husband died (March 2012 in Italy)the lawyer's family members went after the property given to me by my late husband.
The matter became subject of litigation at Lagos State High Court. After obtaining a court order asking both parties to maintain the status quo (I was in occupation) I was chased out of the property. The court order, dated November 2013, issued by Justice K.O.Alogba of the Lagos State High Court, gave an interim injunction forbidding six defendants (family of the lawyer) to disturb the peaceful possession and enjoyment of the claimant(myself). After meeting the police in Zone 2 in order to enforce the court order, I was denied any help because apparently some powerful people from Abuja gave the police contrary orders.
I have already spent a big sum for the damages to the property caused by the defendants.I got help when Joseph Mbu was the Assistant Inspector General of Police, in charge of Zone 2. Mr Mbu verified the court order and raided the property and enforced the court order. I was the able to go back and enjoy my house.
However, when I was abroad in October 2015, the policemen watching ove the house were arrested and detained on the allegation to be fake police officers and when I came back I could not access the property.
On December 12, 2015 I returned to Nigeria and the AIG encouraged me to go to Abuja to find out what happened. I did go with a petition, in which it was stated that the police were being used to flout the court order.
Now there is a fresh court order dated 23rd February 2016 in suit no LD/1008/2013 against the said Mrs. Bisi George (one of the defendants), and after re-entering the property on March 9th, the following day,to our greatest surprise, the said Mrs. Bisi George employed armed thugs, who armed themselves with dangerous weapons such as guns, cutlasses and knives and heavily attacked the people we put at the property, who narrowly escaped with their life.
As if that was not enough and in a manner that is in total disregard to the court order, these lawless individuals now stationed the armed thugs in the property. The thugs have warned everybody who cares to listen to them that they will tackle anybody who come nearer to the said property in any form.
that it was the court bailiff who executed the court order and put us in the possession before this lawless woman resorted to self-help.by employing the service of thugs to maim and kill us.
Now I am still out of the house and I am trying to convince the police to give me some policemen, to protect me and my property from possible assaults by the defendants.
Here attached a photo of the court order written on the wall of the house by the sheriff the day we re-entered the property. The day after the same was altered and then cancelled.
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