Criminal act

13:08 Sep 23 2015 Lawanson Surulere

On 22th Sept at about 5.15pm,I was stopped with my wife and two children age 12yrs and 5 yrs by police Highway with Reg Nr NPF 6797 in Kajola along Benin Ore rd by one Friday wit Tag Nr.391670.demanded my car particulars and the old TV receipt in my car.we were delayed for 1hr 30 mins.this show of shame resulted in brutality of wife by this officer and in the process my 12 yrs old girl collapse.it took the intervention of a commercial buses to revive my daughter.all this criminals,rouges and animals in uniform said my daughter is suffering for epileptic.my daughter is a student of Queens college Lagos.we are only going for the Sallah.it's a shocking experience for the entire family.nigerian police are cunning criminals,ruthless organization, in the world.they never missed a trick on how to collect bribe.this matter need to be investigate ,though Nigerians have lost hope on shameless unprincipled police,greed and infested rouges.they are vultures,heartless rouges.photo of the old TV attached.my phone Nr 0706655700
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Hinanargo (Sep 16 2020)
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